Arches National Park Engagement Session | Moab Photographer

December 14, 2020

I love being able to come to Arches National Park for engagement sessions and elopements. Located just 3.5 hours from where I live, Moab is my favorite place in the world. I come here a few times a year just to explore places I’ve never been before. The possibilities are limitless here.

Kat and Conner live in Ohio and they got engaged there. They already had a trip planned out to Utah so they thought why not get engagement photos done at Arches National Park? Luckily they were okay with doing sunrise photos 🙂 The thing about Arches is that it does get busy so doing these photos at sunrise vs sunset we didn’t see anyone else there!! It was so surprising because normally, this spot is super crowded. I had so much fun climbing around on the rocks with these two and getting the whole spot to ourselves.

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