Meet My Second Photographer, My Husband

October 31, 2020

Adding a second photographer to your wedding day gives you more images, more angles from 2 different perspective, and quicker family photos and portraits so you can move on to dancing. I definitely recommend hiring a second photographer if you are having more than 100 guests, a large bridal party, or aren’t doing a first look. If you do end up hiring a second photographer, you might be wondering who it will be so I figured I’d dedicate a post to it.

Meet Daniel, My Husband, Best Friend, and Second Photographer

Daniel has shot about 10 weddings with me and he is now a pro. While I’m typically focused on the bride, he is focused on the groom. He hangs out with the groom and groomsmen and snaps photos of them getting ready, the groom’s portraits, and the groomsmen’s posed photos. During the ceremony, I typically have Daniel focusing in on the groom’s reaction to seeing the bride walking down the aisle while I’m more focused on the bride. He’s super fun and easy-going! Here’s some fun facts about him:

  • His favorite TV show is Game of Thrones.
  • His favorite place he’s ever been to is India.
  • His favorite food is the burrito bowl from Chipotle (mine too!)
  • He loves to snowboard and ski in the winter.

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